Glasses care - instructions

How to clean, store and keep glasses

The more you wear your glasses, the more you need to maintain them! Cleaning, storage and maintenance of glasses are essential for their perfect appearance and functionality. Although our glasses are also water resistant, they are not primarily intended for use in water.

  • With wooden glasses, water and long-term humidity can affect the lenses, as moisture can settle in the wooden frames and also penetrate through the protective layers in the lenses. Therefore, try to dry the glasses as soon as possible so that water and moisture do not remain, both on the lenses and in the frame, which can damage the frame due to moisture and the natural expansion properties of wood.
  • Sports plastic glasses are significantly more durable in terms of frames, but water and long-term humidity can affect the quality of the lenses, although we have not yet experienced such cases.

How to clean the glasses?

The best cloth for cleaning glasses is a microfiber fabric. Use the enclosed cloth to avoid scratches from other types of material. For daily care and wiping dust and dirt. In each pack of Bejkroll, we attach a cleaning cloth to make sure you enjoy the glasses and avoid dirt. Do not use a towel, t -shirt, etc. for cleaning, can contain sand, cream or other substances that can damage the glasses.

If you have dirt on glasses that you are unable to clean, they are probably due to grease. Our bodies and faces produce grease, which is perfectly fine and you can still wear your glasses when you know how to clean them. Follow these steps:

  • Use your hands soap and make sure you don't have grease on your fingers when handling glasses.
  • Wash the lenses under warm water to remove the surface residues.
  • Gently wipe each lens, on the front and back of the lens with a sponge for dishes. Rub the soap into the slots of the frame around the lenses, where the grease is trying to hide.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry the glasses with the enclosed cloth in fine circles around the lenses and also wipe the slits around the lenses.

If even then your glasses contain spots, it may be because your glasses contain scratches. Small micro scratches may occur in many ways. You may have briefly dropped them on concrete or in your pipe pocket, ... Unfortunately, cleaning the glasses will not solve this problem, but to learn to save and keep your glasses next time. Each Bejkroll glasses are supplied with free scratch -resistant coating.

How to store glasses?

If you do not use them, store the glasses in a textile protective packaging that we supply for free or wooden firm packaging to all glasses. Goggles can be easily damaged, even if they are located somewhere safely. They fall off the table, chew them with a dog or something falls on them and damages them.

How to maintain glasses?

Depending on your type of glasses, there may be several other ways to take care of the glasses.

If you wear glasses with adjustable nasal pads, be sure to check the nasal pads, which does not cause your glasses to slip. When you wear glasses, the nasal cushions can bend too far, which will cause you to push the glasses up and so dirty with grease! Press the adjustable pads inside to try how it sits on your nose until you have the correct settings again.

The legs of the glasses can relax. Find the screws on each side of the feet and try to turn them to try if they are tightened. If they are free, this may cause your glasses to be set unevenly on your head. You will need to buy a small screwdriver to tighten the screws or help you in every optics.