BejkRoll lifts you adrenaline!

We are a Czech freestyle brand not only for the Wakeboard & Kiteboard community and we believe that anyone who likes sport and overcoming their own limits will find himself.

When you do something, you want to improve and move your own limits, that's what motivates us all to try to new things/tricks when you fall, you have to get up again, ...

Bejkroll is a garb of the BackRoll trick, in Czech backward flip, which is the basic air trick in almost every freestyle sport.

So how about it?

On one of our weekend expeditions to Wakepark, we discussed with our friends how they perform and a few of their opinions was that it was more pizza, pizza than Bake Rolls, which we know from one advertisement for crackers :) And because we did a long evening analysis and the choir of the whole word, so we got a bejkroll, as BEJK in czech means BULL and the next day they made the trick :D

Be Bull - Buď Bejk!

Why? Because Bejkroll will give it, Bejkroll is fair, Bejkroll will help and is a buddy, Bejkroll has a muscles on his belly from laughter ? But most importantly, Bejkroll inspires!

Bejkroll is your mind, your brand, wear it proud! ?

Bejkroll mission

And then we wondered what to do next ... the first BejkRoll Challenge competition was born, a special rules race, all categories together, full of battles couples, where young riders totally crushed adults and created the perfect mood and spirit of common things.

The aim of our efforts is to return part of our profit to the support of sport, young and promising talents, who would otherwise be quite sitting somewhere at the computer or watching only on the phone. We like hard sport, such as wakeboarding and kiteboarding, in the Czech Republic riding on the water lift is increasingly available thanks to fast growing wakeparks, and kiteboarding has also popularized thanks to corona closed ski resorts.

And honestly, we are not just about sponsorship of top riders, but about supporting those young people who do not yet have performance or sponsors, but most of all want to do something.

With your purchase you will support young promising athletes, which we sponsor and believe that they will show us and can pull more.

BejkRoll quality

Rider must get quality! If you want to do tricks you have to make a decision and well decision! That's why you want good and quality things too. Therefore, we do functional and tested things, good materials and quality workmanship. Things that work on/by the water when you need.

Bejk can be anything

Well, fun and exaggeration! "Bejk" can actually be anything; Greeting, wishes, addressing - unlike classic dude, so bejk has juice!


Be Bejk, be Bull!

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