Hoodies BejkRoll

Bejkroll sweatshirts are made of special material, cotton velvet / microply, which is mega pleasant to touch and wear and you simply do not remove it. You can use the hooded sweatshirt or zipper wherever you are - by the water, in the mountains, traveling or in the city - are unisex and are for both girls and boys, in men and extended, women's design under the butt or smaller size fit even larger children over 11 years. Trendy colors and stiffened, yet subtle design with the logo allows you to wear the sweatshirt all the time.

On cold days or wind, you can rely on protecting and warming you and keeping warmth very well. On the contrary, it also transmits very well when it is warmer, so you do not have to constantly undress and dress the sweatshirt. Cotton velvet / microply is a very pleasant material with perfect thermoregulation, the fabric has a characteristic "short hair", is flexible, very soft, soft as a stuffed toy. Very soft and pleasant to the skin and on the bare body. We have tested the material for long term and we know its very durable.