BEJK VELVET - Velvet sweatshirt with hood - extended - navy blue


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Product code: HD-05 Shipping and Payment

Women's extended hooded sweatshirt, whether for water, mountains or at home. The sweatshirt is made of cotton velvet (microplown), from the outside it is classic cotton and inside the velvet (microplown), super soft material that is very pleasant to the touch and wearing, but above all holds very well and regulates the temperature even if you have a sweatshirt dressed on bare body. The extended sweatshirt will ensure heat both to your body, butt and thighs. You'll never want to undress this sweatshirt!

Material color: Navy blue (dark blue); Laces color: Pink; Logo: Pink writing

The sweatshirt is made of cotton from outside and velvet / microplown inside, a round logo on the left side of 7cm, a flat logo on the sleeve 15cm, patch Buď Bejk (Be Bull) on the right side of the hood, kangaroo pocket on the front, silver metal hoodie laces rings. Outer material 100% cotton, inner material 100% polyester, 430gsm, inner material hood microplown.

Cotton velvet / microplown is a very pleasant material with perfect thermoregulation, so even on cold days or wind you can rely on protecting you and keeping the heat very well when it is cold. On the contrary, it also transmits very well when it is warmer, so you do not have to constantly undress and dress the sweatshirt. The fabric has a characteristic "short hair", is elastic and very soft.

Sweatshirts can be dored on the complete pants/tracksuits of the same material.

Sizes chart:

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Cotton velvet / microplown

Cotton Velvet