BejkRoll ELPASO EDITION Wakeboard


Product code: BW-04 Shipping and Payment

416,70 €


Product code: BW-04 Shipping and Payment


Bejkroll ELPASO EDITION KITEBOARD is a board inspired by the dry Texas desert on the border with Mexico. Every rider who likes to ride on the edge of danger will love this board, because it will take you both on the water and the sand dunes or skeletons of those who just chose the bad board.

  • 3D top side, channels on the underside
  • double wooden core, pavlovnia and ash (ash ashtop on the center due to the resistance of inserts)
  • sintered board base
  • carbon stripes in different directions to support stiffness (bulls)
  • ABS sidewall
  • quadrilateral glass fibers
  • inserts for salt water
  • does not contain fines, it is a pure park board
  • binding is not part of the delivery
  • sizes are recommended by how you were born: A):
    • Bulls (cm): 133, 137, 141, 145
    • B'Girls (cm): 132, 136, 140
    • put the required size in the order note

We supply boards to order and produce them in cooperation with OCBFactory, so it is a proven technology and quality for years. Count on the date of delivery apx 10 days.