Kite Tank Top BejkRoll pink/blue (with hole for harness hook) - Size: S


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Product code: BV-22-1 Shipping and Payment

Do you kiteboard and wakeboard? This is the jersey for you!

Kiteboard personalized jersey for boys and girls (unisex), is made primarily for kiteboarding, in front opening for stretching the harness hook, so your tank top will no longer roll up. The jersey can be worn on the bare body as a functional tank top or as overdres on top of clothing or vest, as a stylish accessory to every rider at or after riding. The hook hole is reinforced with a layer of material, lined from the underside and is located approximately halfway through the garment, so it is primarily designed for lumbar harness.

Color: pink/blue - colored transition, black hem around the neck and hand

Possibility to add your own name, nickname - jersey with your own print - personalized.

The jersey is made of quick - drying material, a flat logo on the front, a large round logo at the back, an original woven patch above the lower edge of the jersey, micromesh - 100% polyester.

Micromesh is a very pleasant technical material, lightweight, airy with puffy moisture removal (whether you sweat or climb out of water), its elasticity prevents simple rupture, perfectly holds color. The hems of the jersey are made of the same material and we have tried that compared to cotton, after washing doesn't "bite" your skin.

The jersey is marked with standard sizes. For wearing as a jersey that dresses on top of wetsuit or protective vest, a larger size of 1x-2x should be considered.

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