Ladies wetsuit BejkRoll WATER STAR 2mm - Size: S


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Product code: WS-02-S Shipping and Payment

Ladies wetsuit Bejkroll WATER STAR 2mm
Elastic ladie's wetsuit top quality, very light, short with long sleeves, bikini cut without pants, for those who want to shine both in beach and water with a unique design. You can use this neoprene if it is colder or sharp sun as protection against burning, and at the same time prevents scratches of board, fins or sharp objects during snorkeling or diving. The cut of this great women's surf neoprene, flatter your figure and have an opening on your chest. It is made of super elastic 2mm neoprene Yamamoto, it is very pleasant to the touch and especially on the body, the elastic material fully adapts to your curves and will dress well and undress. Glued seams with double-sided overlock stitch and YKK ZIP are a guarantee of the highest quality.

Women's short girl Wetsuit in the sizes of XS, S, M, L can be used as neoprene swimwear in water and is suitable for a wide range of water sports-for surfing, kiteboarding, paddleboarding, windsurfing, wingsurfing, foil-surfing, wakeboarding or snorkeling, shallow diving or just in a pool or water. Thanks to long sleeves and short legs, it is especially suitable for summer days and destinations, where there is warmer water with occasional wind. Through neoprene, any shorts or neoprene pants for even higher protection can be taken, or we recommend to dress stretch leggings under the neoprene.

Thickness:    2 mm
Fastening:    Zipper on chest with eye for easy grip
Cut:              Long sleeves and bikini cut the bottom, collar for neck protection
ZIP:              Certified YKK
Seams:        Glued seams with double -sided overlock stitch
Material:       Yamamoto - Super Stretch; 80 % neoprene, 20 % nylon
Weight:        690g

The neoprene should fit perfectly to you, it should be tighter. Accordingly, you choose your size, either at rest, the elastic material will fully adapt. Better to make the neoprene more tight than that your body was free and water was leaking into it.

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