Lycra Rashguard - RAINBOW Blue/Pink unisex - Size: XL



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Product code: RG-04-XL Shipping and Payment

Bejkroll Lycra Rashguard T -shirt - Unisex Design T -shirt into water for girls and boys when it is slightly colder or as protection against burning with UVF50+ protective factor

Blue/pink combination with long sleeves. Made of very pleasant nylon & polyester material, T -shirt is designed with wavy patterns because it is primarily intended for water. Waves throughout the design, color transition from blue, pink and gray and seam sewn black thread give the trick perfect contrast, rounded logo on left side of the chest 7cm, woven patch Buď Bejk (Be Bull) on the right side.

A strap for hanging behind the neck, a loop for binding Lycra with the boardshorts on the front lower edge of the clothing, so that the shirt does not pull up during the sport. The extended body part and sleeves will also ensure that you still fit well.

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