Neoprene strap - lanyard for glasses with tightening - Color: Green


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Product code: BR-NEOSNURKA-GREEN Shipping and Payment

Neoprene strap - lanyard for pleasant glasses for all those who move around water, kiteboard, wakeboard, paddleboard, water sports, river cruising, paddlers, swimmers, fishermen, athletes, yachting on boat, etc. and prevents the glasses from falling or sinking into the water.

Color: yellow, pink, green, black

Elastic neoprene strap ensures the attachment of glasses on the head, the plastic eye on the tape allows tightening the tape around the head so that the tape is surrounding very close, or it is possible to wear glasses on the neck. If the glasses fall out of the head, the visible color of the cord will help the glasses quickly identify and find, the neoprene cord will keep the glasses on the water for a while. Together with wooden glasses, Bejkroll swims on the surface.

The strap simply put on the legs of the glasses, the 4mm elastic hole ensures the possibility of sliding on the classic legs, the length of the cord is 45cm and the width of 2cm.