Water shoes - quick drying - yellow - Shoe size EU: 35


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Product code: SH-02-35 Shipping and Payment

Colorful quick-drying, anti-slip with finger design, water shoes, beach and unpaved sharp surfaces, outdoor activities, one shoe is enough for more activities. If you want to enjoy your sport or holiday without unnecessary injuries and cuts on your feets.

Use for swimming, hiking, beach, outdoor, kiteboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, snorkeling and water sports where you expect that there will be a complex entrance to the water, or stones or the bottom with water animals (hedgehogs, sharp shells,…)

  • Very breathable and fine polyester material - protects against cold, but in warm water is very breathable, the material adheres very well to the leg, so you will not feel the shoes on your leg
  • A rubber outsole with a finger design ensures a good step to the surface and you have great walking control, at the same time sharp objects (sharp stones, lava, corals, spines of shells, sea hedgehogs,…) do not penetrate through the sole
  • Velcro through the instep and heel ensure the adhesion to the leg and just do not fall off the foot, even if you step into the mud. Thanks to velcro, you set the shoe exactly to your leg.
  • Rubber patch bejkroll on tape with Velcro over instep
  • Water from shoes flows well, both over the top material and through a special perforated shoe lilner and a sole in which the openings for water drainage
  • The shoe liner is well breathable, thanks to the bee honeycomb pattern, so it breathes very well and transmits moisture and water
  • The sole of the shoe is flat and thanks to the polyester material the upper part glides well, so the shoes slide well into the bindings (kiteboard, windsurf,…)
  • The sole is anti-slip with a design for water drainage (with grooves, just as they have car tires)
  • The textile eye on the heel for easy putting on - the eye for which you can catch the shoe and simply put on it or for which you can hang the shoes while drying